The Orchids School • International Montessori School Le Port-Marly

OPEN DOORS DAY ON SATURDAY JANUARY 15, 2022 FROM 9AM TO 11AM : In order to comply with health recommendations and for the well-being of everyone, we invite you to contact us and register for a specific slot.

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Every human being is unique and capable.

The Orchids School welcomes children from 2 to 12 years old in mixed age groups.

We offer your child an authentic educational method based on the pedagogical guidelines established by Maria Montessori, enriched by the approach of cooperative learning proposed by CélestinFreinet. Our teaching methods aim to educate every facet of the human being, their intellect, emotions, relations and motor skills.

In order to provide an individual follow up to each child and respond to his individual needs, class’ sizes are small and there are 2 full-time educators: one Francophone and one Anglophone. Consequently, we will welcome 16 children in the 2-3 years old class and 24 children in the 3-6 years old class.

One day at the Orchids School

Recent discoveries highlighted by neurosciences complement our methods:

The importance of caring relationships to develop an optimum brain
A relaxed brain and controlled emotions are necessary to memorisation processes and global well-being
The integration of primitive reflexes permits access to fundamental learning.

Our school is dedicated to creating an appropriate environment with all the care, respect, attention, a child needs to grow and develop harmoniously.

This holistic and humanistic position is the key to his positive evolution towards the full expression of the richness of his whole being. Because, the child has abounding capacities, he will be able to discover, express and develop them at his own pace.





“My educators are passionate, experienced and positive.”






Why Orchids?

Orchids are magnificent flowers with a variety of shapes and colours that attracts attention. They are admired for their beauty and delicacy. We encounter the same diversity and inner beauty in human beings. Each child is unique like a specific “orchid”.

Attached on the same branch, orchids are connected with each other. Thereby, when one of them dies, the others decrease in unison, symbolizing the interdependence of human beings. They require care and attention, fragile like a child who grows and yearns to develop harmoniously.

This is why, the orchid symbolizes the proposal carried by our school.