School Fees

« Our investment in education for our family. »


• Annual registration fee:
350 euros
(including the Reflexes Check-up)

• School fees:
7500 euros, being 750 euros per month over 10 months
A sibling discount of 10% of fees is available for the second child attending

• Meal plan 2 lunches per week:
58 euros per month over 10 months (8 euros per meal)

• Meal plan 4 lunches per week:
100 euros per month over 10 months (8 euros per meal)

• Afterschool care 2 days per week:
100 euros per month over 10 months

• Afterschool care 4 days per week:
200 euros per month over 10 months

Location: The Pyramids setting

« An amazing setting, pleasant and optimally designed to learn. »

The Pyramids hosts the Orchids School as part of their Youth Service.
This sharing of premises makes it possible to share space and some of the facilities for the greatest happiness of children and parents.

We have 2 classrooms called ‘Ambiances’, a multipurpose room for use by the 3-6 years old in the morning, during the afternoon nap and for motor skills development… A courtyard with a playground, a vast lawn and a greenhouse for the gardening.
The car park allows parents to park freely next to the school’s entrance.
Many sports activities are offered by the very dynamic Youth Service!

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For any information or pre-registration request, or to attend one of our Open Days, please contact us at 01 79 75 32 22 or fill in the form below :

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