Our Pedagogy: The joy of blossoming through learning

This teaching is centred around 7 major ideas :

1  • Respect for the rhythm of each child, including learning self-respect and respect for others, for the group and for the environment.

2  • Gradual reinforcement of the child’s autonomy by accompanying and supporting him so that he experiences harmonious progress through every stage of development.

3  • Stimulation of his natural desire to learn by arousing his curiosity through the Montessori materials and teaching, which enable interactive presentations in all subjects.

4  • A variety of approaches and activities that allow each child to realise his potential in an individualised way, with the goal of building self-esteem and self-confidence.

5  • Awakening the creative and sporting faculties through the development of manual and artistic activities, physical activities (Players Kid’s formula and sport-studies tennis), play as well as the elaboration of individual and collective projects.

6  • Learning a language through the full-time presence of an Anglophone assistant who speaks to children in his mother tongue only.

7  • Remediation for learning difficulties to prevent the child from becoming bogged down, ‘dropping out’ or not learning, being discouraged and losing confidence in their ability to succeed.

All proposed activities respect the common core knowledge and skills required by the French Department of Education so that, if necessary, children can switch back into the traditional school system.

Sandra Stettler-Directrice-Ecole-des-Orchidees

Sandra Stettler

Head of School

Primary School Teacher for 17 years in the French Department of Education, including 14 years spent in a ‘Priority Education Zone’ (ZEP) where she explored various pedagogical approaches adapted for nursery school to the Year 6 students. Passionate about people, she studied Psychology and works as a holistic therapist, trainer and is a Director of the Cassiopée Training Institute.
Now, as a mother of 5 children, with 30 years of clinical practice, she is now putting all her experience and years of reflection to work delivering a new humanistic educational approach adapted to the demands of younger generations.

The team

“My educators are passionate, experienced and positive.”

Each member of the team is fervent about caring for children, pedagogy, and adapting to their needs so that they flourish and positively evolve.
Educators have solid pedagogical experience and a positive outlook on “this being in the making” who is entrusted to them.