Hélène Yribarren

Hélène Yribarren

Yoga teacher

For more than twenty years I have worked as a gemologist (precious stones),
but unfortunately this profession is disappearing in Europe.
Therefore, as yoga is one of my passions (I have been practicing it for over
fifteen years), I decided to become a yoga teacher. After 200 hours of training, I
graduated in the Paris Yoga French School (EFY), where I had the chance to
animate yoga workshops for children.
Teaching yoga to children has always interested me and I am happy to be able
to practise it in the Ecole des Orchidées.
Meditation, relaxation and yoga bring many benefits: they develop
concentration, self-esteem and confidence in others. Particularly, Yoga
improves body flexibility, balance, endurance, awareness of one's own body
and breath.
In the Ecole des Orchidées, we do yoga postures (asana), breathing exercises
(pranayama) and relaxation – meditation. Taking some postures allow children
to become: a butterfly, a tree, a camel, the sun, a boat, a warrior… Yes, yoga
will change them! So, are you ready to see their transformation?
"If we taught all 8-year-old children on Earth how to meditate, we would cancel
violence from the world in one generation. " Dalai Lama

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