Ouahiba Sallat

Ouahiba Sallat

French Educator 3/6-year-old class

During my first motherhood, I wondered a lot about the education I wished for
my child. Then, I "met" Maria Montessori: her pedagogy corresponded
perfectly to my expectations, because she respected the children and their
rhythm. I discovered that child reveal their potential thanks to a caring attitude
and to an environment that was adapted to him. Curious to learn more, I
decided to leave finance and management to train in Montessori pedagogy for
3/6-year-old children.
Children have always been a passion for me: since the age of 17 I have been an
activity leader for children aged 3 to 17. Supporting them in their development
and contributing to their fulfilment has always been one of my priorities.
Moreover, the Montessori material is scientific, and that is meaningful to me,
because I have been studying biochemistry.
At the École des Orchidées I found values that are important to me: the
benevolence and the respect for the child. I would like to bring my enthusiasm,
my passion and my smile in order to contribute to the development of the
children in all their aspects.
"May each day be wonderful to us" is my motto!

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