Sandrine Roussel2

Sandrine Roussel

English educator 6/12-year-old class

What drives me daily is preparing children to become happy, confident, ready to live their dreams, instead of just dreaming their life.

For this, I have several strings to my bow:

• 15 years of teaching experience: school at the home for my 4 children (now bilingual) and cello teacher according to the Suzuki pedagogy

• my ability to support the child in self-discovery: trained in Sophrology and in Children and teenagers counselling (Cassiopée Institute)

• my passion in practising and teaching English: 1 year stay in the United States (Washington DC) as a student, 1 year in England for the education of my eldest daughter when she was 4 years old (Downsend school in Surrey), 6 years as a telecommunications salesperson to manage international accounts

• and finally, my very cheerful nature, which allows me to establish a pleasant working atmosphere, respecting everyone’s rhythm.

English is the language I have been using every day in my personal and professional life for over 30 years.

I am proud to be at the Ecole des Orchidées and to contribute to a better world.

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