Sarah Aiachi

Sarah Aiachi

English Educator 3/6-year-old class

From an early age, I have always been passionate about the English language.
That even became my daily life when my mother married a British man.
Quickly, English became a second language at home and that kindly
accompanied me during my adolescence. I became fully bilingual. Very quickly,
I turned towards English-speaking education, taking options in high school,
such as: English literature and Arts. I also passed the TOEIC (Test of English for
International Communication).
Holder of a license in English (LLCER) and a master MEEF in English, I was able
to gain experience by becoming a tutor for English people at university. In the
meantime, I kept on spending all my summer holidays in England and therefore
had the possibility to enjoy a full immersion in the English culture for a long
While looking for a job after my failure at Capes, I came across the Montessori
pedagogy, based on the independence of the child and on benevolence. This
led me to work in Montessori schools for two years as an English-speaking
assistant. I could share with the children my passion for the English language
and the arts and could implement different creative projects in English.
Thus, while still working in several Montessori schools, I started the training of
Montessori AMI educator for 3-6 years.
It is with pleasure that I join the team of the École des Orchidées, to welcome
your children from 3 to 6 years old, starting from September 2020.

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