Xavier Henry

Educateur francophone ambiance 6/12

In 2006, my future fatherhood led me to work with children. First as an animator, then as an English teacher, when I enrolled my oldest son in a Montessori preschool, and I was proposed to take the post.

The following year, I became an English-speaking AMI 3-6 educator and I developed my practice with ISMM trainers who came to observe us a couple of times a month.

I then obtained the AMI 6-12 diploma and became the referent educator for a bilingual class of 22 children aged 5½ to 9 years old. I then started to create the work materials that I lacked and submitted them to children whom I followed during home tutoring sessions and replacements in different schools.

Patient, observant and adaptable, I am curious and always interested in learning and training. This is what led me to meet Sandra Stettler and her team, during a “mind mapping” training at the Cassiopée Institute, Sandra’s training centre for wellbeing professions.

After 9 years of experience in Montessori pedagogy, I am delighted to join the Ecole des Orchidées and to work in collaboration with my colleagues, in a privileged and caring environment.

“The first job that I ask to my educators is to always reflect on themselves”. Maria Montessori

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